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Configuration guide for IBM System x3550 M4 and IBM FlashSystem 710 using Microsoft Fast Track Data Warehouse for SQL Server 2012

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Vinay Kulkarni
Michael Lawson

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Systems and Technology Group

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FlashSystem; IBM System Storage; IBM System x

Abstract: The configuration guide for IBM® System x™ servers using Microsoft® Fast Track Data Warehouse for SQL Server 2012 is designed to provide a methodology for creating a minimal and balanced architecture for predictable data warehouse workloads. In a Fast Track configuration, minimal server and storage hardware is purchased to match the processing capability of the hardware to the data warehouse processing requirements of the organization. The goal is to create a balanced configuration across all hardware and software elements. To accomplish this, each hardware component is analyzed to determine the maximum data processing capabilities and then matched to provide a balanced configuration. The configuration is then carefully tuned to achieve maximum performance. This holistic approach minimizes the risk of purchasing hardware that will never be fully utilized by SQL Server for data processing, yet provides ample room for capacity growth. This document explains the various optimization at both the hardware and software levels to provide a complete reference architecture for achieving a baseline level of performance using IBM System x3550 M4 server and the IBM FlashSystem 710.

IBM_Fast Track_DataWarehouse_SQL_Server_2012_Basic_x3550M4_FS710_8TB_ConfigurationGuide.pdfIBM_Fast Track_DataWarehouse_SQL_Server_2012_Basic_x3550M4_FS710_8TB_ConfigurationGuide.pdf






Business Intelligence




IBM System x Family; IBM System Storage




IBM System x3550 M4 IBM FlashSystem Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Fast Track Data Warehouse

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