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Installation and Configuration Guide for Microsoft HPC Pack 2012 on IBM Intelligent Cluster

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Quang Le
Kent R Swalin

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Systems and Technology Group

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BladeCenter; BladeCenter HT; IBM PureFlex System; PureFlex; x3630 M4; x3755; x3850 X5; xSeries

Abstract: This document describes how to install and configure Microsoft® HPC Pack 2012 on the IBM® Intelligent Cluster platform (13BW release).

Microsoft HPC Pack 2012 is supported on the following IBM servers used in IBM Intelligent Cluster configurations
• IBM Flex Systems x220, x222, x240 and x440
• IBM BladeCenter HS23, HX5, HX5 with Memory Expansion blades
• IBM System x3550 M4
• IBM System x3630 M4
• IBM System x3650 M4
• IBM System x3750 M4
• IBM System x3755 M3
• IBM System x3690 X5
• IBM System x3850 X5
• IBM System x iDataPlex dx360 M4
• IBM NeXtScale System nx360 M4

IBM HPC Server 2012 Install Guide 13BW final.pdfIBM HPC Server 2012 Install Guide 13BW final.pdf


Hardware; Software


Installation and Migration




IBM BladeCenter; IBM Flex System; IBM System x Family; OEM Systems




Microsoft HPC Pack 2012, IBM Flex Systems, IBM BladeCenter, IBM NeXtScale, IBM System x

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