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A Hadoop Case Study: IBM ServeRAID M1115 vs IBM 6Gb Performance Optimized HBA

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Lusally Mui
Dao Ngo

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Advanced Technical Sales

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IBM System x; x3630 M4; xSeries

Abstract: This document is based off the activities performed for a Request for Proposal (RFP) response conducted by IBM for an IBM client in a Hadoop hardware infrastructure. This document discusses the benefits of an HBA vs a RAID adapter when used in JBOD mode, which is very popular in Hadoop environments. This document is intended for Technical Sellers in the IBM System x community and for end users responsible for architecting servers.

Download Document --> A_Hadoop_Case_Study_SR-M1115_vs_6Gb_PO_HBA_v1.2.pdfA_Hadoop_Case_Study_SR-M1115_vs_6Gb_PO_HBA_v1.2.pdf




Planning and Design


IBM System x Family



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