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Best Practices for Tivoli Storage FlashCopy Manager in a SVC Metro Mirror environment

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Wilhelm Gardt1

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Global Technical Support

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# 2145; AIX; DB2 9 for Linux UNIX and Windows ; FlashCopy; IBM XIV Storage System ; Linux; Oracle Database; Power; SAN Volume Controller; SAP; Tivoli Storage FlashCopy Manager

Abstract: Tivoli Storage FlashCopy Manager provides the operational flexibility necessary for today‘s IT infrastructure. Zero impact FlashCopy backups can be started any time during the daily operation of an SAP system, because the FlashCopy technique minimizes the impact on the application (server-processor load, database-backup window). Fast FlashCopy restores can minimize the downtime required for data restore.

Starting with version 3.2, FlashCopy Manager for UNIX® and Linux® supports disaster recovery environment with storage-based data replication, for example the Metro and Global Mirror features of IBM SAN Volume Controller®. This means that the FlashCopy Manager can create FlashCopy backups on the secondary storage system – not on the primary system that is currently used by the application. This provides more flexibility for backup scenarios and a fail-safe database copy in case the primary location is being lost.

Best Practices for FCM with SVC Metro Mirror.pdfBest Practices for FCM with SVC Metro Mirror.pdf




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