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Implementing and Using SAP NetWeaver Landscape Virtualization Management on IBM Power Systems and IBM Flex System POWER Nodes

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Walter Orb
Arnold Beilmann, Maik Gasterstaedt, Edmund Haefele, Thomas Hebert, Matthias Koechl, Christoph Langer

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Systems and Technology Group

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AIX; DB2 for AIX; DB2 Universal Database; ERP; GPFS; IBM Flex System; IBM PureFlex System; IBM Systems Director; Oracle; Power; PureFlex; SAN Volume Controller; SAP; XIV storage systems

Abstract: SAP NetWeaver Landscape Virtualization Management software is the successor and extension of the SAP Adaptive Computing Controller. This paper focuses on the features and uses-cases provided by SAP LVM together with IBM Flex System Manager and IBM Systems Director managed Power Systems. It describes the IBM infrastructure specifics required to implement and operate an on-premise cloud solution for SAP landscapes. The whitepaper covers a solution stack tested during a proof of concept at the IBM SAP International Competence Center (ISICC). This includes SAP Business Suite 7 on IBM Power Systems using AIX 6 and AIX 7, IBM Flex System Manager, IBM Systems Director, IBM Tivoli Storage FlashCopy Manager, IBM SAN Volume Controller, and IBM XIV Storage System. This second version is an update to cover the changes that came with SAP Landscape Virtualization Manager version 2.0.

Integration_of_ IBM_ Infrastructure_ and_SAP_LVM_v2.0.pdfIntegration_of_ IBM_ Infrastructure_ and_SAP_LVM_v2.0.pdf


Hardware; Software; Solutions


Operational Management


ISV Applications




IBM Flex System; IBM Power Systems; IBM PureSystems

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Information Management; IBM PureSystems




SAP LVM Landscape Virtualization Management Power PureFlex Systems Director AIX

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