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IBM® System Storage™ DS3512 16,000 Mailbox Resiliency Exchange 2010 Storage Solution

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Vinay Kulkarni
Roland Mueller, David West, Kevin M Cummings

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Systems and Technology Group

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DS3500; IBM System Storage; IBM System x

Abstract: This document outlines a mid-range IBM System Storage™ DS3512 storage system solution for Microsoft Exchange Server, based on the Microsoft Exchange Solution Reviewed Program (ESRP) – Storage program*. For any questions or comments regarding the contents of this document, see Contact for Additional Information. *The ESRP – Storage program was developed by Microsoft Corporation to provide a common storage testing framework for vendors to provide information on its storage solutions for Microsoft Exchange Server software. For more details on the Microsoft ESRP – Storage program, please click
This document describes a mid-range Exchange 2010 storage solution for 16,000 mailboxes on the IBM System Storage DS3512 dual-controller storage system. The solution utilizes two DS3512 storage systems, with each system including a dual-controller DS3512 and seven EXP3512 expansion units for a total of 96, 2-TB NL-SAS disk drives. The two separate DS3512 storage subsystems and associated disks are required to provide DAG redundancy and failover capability. This system could scale out by adding additional controller subsystems to support larger environments. IBM has recently added 3-TB NL-SAS drives for use in the DS3512 storage system.

IBM_16000_Mailboxes_DS3512_ESRP Submission_1.1.pdfIBM_16000_Mailboxes_DS3512_ESRP Submission_1.1.pdf






ISV Applications




IBM System x Family; IBM System Storage


Windows Server 2008


IBM Microsoft Exchange ESRP DS3512 storage system x3690 X5 16, 000 mailboxes

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