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Virtualizing Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP1 with Hyper-V on the IBM System x3650 M3 and IBM XIV Storage System

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Vinay Kulkarni
Roland Mueller

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Systems and Technology Group

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IBM System Storage; IBM System x

Abstract: IBM® builds, tests, and publishes reference configurations to provide clients with guidelines for sizing their Exchange 2010 configurations. This document shows you how you can get the most out of the IBM System x3650 M3 server in an Exchange 2010 SP1 configuration.
IBM has tested and is releasing this configuration, which was built using these key components:
• IBM System x3650 M3
• IBM XIV® Storage System
• Microsoft® Windows® Server 2008 R2 SP1
• Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V
• Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP1
Important: The configuration described in this document is not an Exchange 2010 solution. The goal of this test was to determine the maximum number of Exchange 2010 mailboxes that could be supported by the x3650 M3 platform within acceptable performance parameters as defined by Microsoft. The test results from this document are designed to be used as server sizing guidance when building highly-available Exchange 2010 production environments that use IBM System x servers and storage.

Exchange 2010 Virtualized x3650 M3 v1.0.pdf Exchange 2010 Virtualized x3650 M3 v1.0.pdf


Hardware; Solutions




ISV Applications




IBM System x Family; IBM System Storage


Windows Server 2008


IBM System x3650 M3 IBM System Storage XIV Microsoft Exchange 2010

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