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WebSphere Application Server - Idle Server Tuning

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Don Bagwell
Beena Hotchandani, Stephen J Kinder

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Advanced Technical Sales

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WebSphere Application Server

Abstract: This paper provides a list of WebSphere configurable options that can be used to reduce background processing within the application server and other components in the Network Deployment (ND) infrastructure (i.e. Nodeagent, DMGR, etc.) that consume CPU cycles when WebSphere would typically be considered “idle”. The paper details some of the tuning options, their implications and some recommendations which may help customer conserve resources during idle periods. Also provided are tuning considerations to minimize server startup times as CPU consumption during startup can have effects on other guests.

WP101894 - WAS Idle Server Tuning - Aug 1 2013.pdfWP101894 - WAS Idle Server Tuning - Aug 1 2013.pdf




Operational Management


Linux; z/VM


WebSphere Application Server, z/VM, IBM Linux for System z

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