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DB2 10 for z/OS with SAP® on IBM System z® Performance Report

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Brenda Beane
Michael Sheets, Seewah Chan, Paul Lekkas, Howard Poole

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IBM Systems

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DB2 for z/OS and OS/390; SAP; z10 EC; z196; zEnterprise; zEnterprise 196

Abstract: The performance of DB2 for z/OS is critical to the SAP solution on System z. As a result, IBM invests heavily in its products. With DB2 10, large investments were made in both development and test. Many new features were put in DB2 10 specifically for SAP. Also, many changes were made in DB2 10 to improve performance and to relieve constraints, especially virtual storage constraints and latch contention. These investments have paid off with DB2 10 for z/OS in SAP environments.

DB2 10 for z/OS delivers out-of-the box CPU savings of up to 5%-10% for traditional workloads and up to 20% for some specific workloads, when compared to DB2 9 running the same workloads. DB2 reduces its CPU usage by optimizing processor times and memory access, and by leveraging the latest processor improvements, larger amounts of memory, and z/OS enhancements. Performance improvements come from Distributed Data Facility (DDF) optimization, bufferpool efficiencies, more parallelism, and many other enhancements.

DB2 10 for z/OS delivers significant improvements in scalability. It addresses the issues of virtual storage constraints and latch contention. Measurements have shown up to a 90% reduction in virtual storage usage in the DB2 DBM1 address space below the bar. DB2 10 achieves this by providing 64-bit support for just about all the storage areas in DBM1. The DB2 DDF address space is also 64-bit enabled. DB2 10 provides the capability of running five to ten times more concurrent threads on a single DB2 subsystem by avoiding memory constraints and by minimizing latch contention.

DB2 10 for z/OS delivers many more benefits and value. See reference [1] on page 28 for more information. This paper focuses on the performance and scalability provided by DB2 10 for z/OS in SAP environments.

The IBM Poughkeepsie SAP Performance Evaluation on System z team ran DB2 10 with two different SAP workloads, SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) and SAP Banking Day Posting, with various configurations on a z10 and on a z196. We worked very closely with the DB2 for z/OS Development and Performance teams for over a year and a half evaluating the performance of DB2 10 drivers, prototypes, and tuning recommendations. We collected and analyzed performance data. We identified and helped debug performance issues. And, we drove performance improvements into DB2 10 for z/OS. We focused on DB2 10 running with SAP so that the best quality product possible could be delivered to work with the SAP solution on System z. In this paper, we will discuss the final results of the measurement tests that were done. These measurement tests were stress tests, not certified benchmarks.



Hardware; Software; Solutions




Enterprise Application Solutions (EAS/ERP); ISV Applications




IBM System z Family

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Information Management; IBM System z Software




DB2 10 for z/OS, SAP, Performance, z10, z196

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