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IBM DS8000 Metro Mirror Disaster Recovery within a Remote Cluster

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Juan LJ Li

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Systems and Technology Group

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Abstract: The data loss to a business can be so drastic during disasters. As a two-site synchronous replication solution, Metro Mirror is ideal for protecting data against a storage system outage or complete site failure. This document provides an integrated real-time disaster recovery solution that combines IBM Metro Mirror replication and Symantec Veritas Cluster within and across geographically separated data center. This paper also intends to introduce how to setup the Metro Mirror environment, and how to help the production site recover through failback/failover action from any planned or unplanned downtime.

IBM DS8000 Metro Mirror Disaster Recovery within a Remote Cluster.pdf




Backup and Recovery


IBM System Storage


Windows 2003


DS8000, Metro Mirror, Disaster Recovery, VCS, Site Failover, Site Failback

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