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Quick Start Guide to FlashCopy Manager for SAP® on IBM DB2® or Oracle® Database with IBM XIV® Storage System

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Axel Westphal
Wilhelm Gardt1

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Advanced Technical Sales

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# 2810-A14; AIX; DB2 9 for Linux UNIX and Windows ; DB2 for AIX; DB2 Universal Database; FlashCopy; IBM System Storage; Linux; LPAR; Oracle Database; Oracle RDBMS; pSeries; SAP; Tivoli Storage Manager; XIV storage systems

Abstract: Backups of SAP® systems are normally performed within a window during batch processing because the impact of the backup load on a database or application can be best tolerated. Compressing all backup activities into this backup window causes an extremely high peak workload for the system infrastructure (network, servers, tape drives). Because of growing database volumes, an increasing number of SAP systems and the business need for 24 by 7 application availability, the backup window can become a key obstacle in meeting service level requirements.
Storage-based FlashCopy or Snapshot solutions provide the operational flexibility necessary for today‘s IT infrastructure.
IBM Tivoli® Storage FlashCopy® Manager software provides fast application-aware backups and restores leveraging advanced snapshot technologies in IBM storage systems.
Starting with version 2.2, FlashCopy Manager also supports the cloning of an SAP database. In SAP terms, this is called a homogeneous system copy. Using the FlashCopy Manager cloning feature for SAP, the effort of creating a system copy can be reduced from two days (or more) to just a few hours.
These papers cover the installation and configuration of FlashCopy Manager 2.2 for SAP on an IBM DB2® or Oracle® database. Operating systems are IBM AIX® and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server® (SLES). An IBM
XIV® Storage System has been used as the backend-storage system.

Quick Start Guide to FlashCopy Manager for SAP on DB2  XIV AIX Linux v2.3.1.pdfQuick Start Guide to FlashCopy Manager for SAP on Oracle XIV AIX Linux v2.3.1.pdf


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Installation and Migration


ISV Applications




IBM Power Systems; IBM System Storage

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Information Management; Tivoli


AIX; Linux


Tivoli Storage FlashCopy Manager Snapshot SAP Cloning Homogeneous System Copy Backup Restore

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