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IBM® TS7700 Series Operator Informational Messages White Paper

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Lawrence Fuss
Dante Alejandro Pichardo de la Rosa

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IBM Systems

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# 3956; # 3957; # 3957-V06; Virtualization Engine; Virtualization Engine TS7700

Abstract: During normal and exception processing within an IBM tape library, intervention or action by an operator or storage administrator is sometimes required. IBM tape libraries have an optional facility that causes a z/OS console message, CBR3750I, to be displayed when intervention or action is needed. The intervention or action may require immediate attention to continue library processing or may be something that can be handled at a later time. The purpose of this white paper is to list the intervention or action messages that are generated and to indicate the importance of each message in regards to how they need to be handled.

Latest update includes for TS7700 Release 3.3 and Release 4.0

Previous updates added Trigger Type (TT) column and non-CBR3750I CBR messages to the end of the document. TT – Trigger Type – This column provides guidelines for which interventions or events may want to be monitored by host automation. The column indicates if the event is a setting of a condition (“C” or “S”) or a clearing of a condition (“c” or “r”). The column also indicates whether the intervention or event is a customer (“C” and “c”) responsibility or an IBM (“S” and “r”) responsibility.

White Paper - TS7700 CBR3750I Console Messages v4.0.pdfWhite Paper - TS7700 CBR3750I Console Messages v4.0.pdf




Operational Management


IBM System Storage



ts7700, 7700, ts7720, 7720, ts7740, 7740, virtualization engine

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