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Automatically Logging on a User at Linux System Boot time for Console Management

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Shalawn King
Tracy Dean

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Software Sales

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IBM Operations Manager for z/VM; Linux on zSeries; Systems Management; z/VM

Abstract: Using console management tools like IBM Operations Manager for z/VM greatly enhances the management and operations of Linux virtual machines hosted by z/VM. It is often desirable to have the console manager issue commands and respond to the command’s output. This can be done with an active Linux virtual machine but requires that a Linux user ID be logged on to the console device. While the console manager can script the logon of a Linux user ID on the virtual machine console, this introduces challenges in password management as well as potential violations of corporate security policies. Solutions like a modified sulogin may be used, but this solution requires root to be the login id. This might also be a potential violation of corporate policies.

Automatically Logging On a User at Linux System Boot time with Systemd FINAL.pdfAutomatically Logging On a User at Linux System Boot time with Systemd FINAL.pdf




Operational Management




IBM System z Family

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IBM System z Software; Tivoli




Operations Manager for z/VM, OpsMgr, systemd, automation, viewcon, opmgrm1, Automatically Loggin on a User, Linux System Boot time

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