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POWER7 - AIX 6.1 Active Memory Expansion

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Eric Hess

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Advanced Technical Sales

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AIX; Hardware Management Console; LPAR; Power; pSeries; pSeries Server; VIOS

Abstract: IBM’s POWER7™ systems with AIX® feature Active Memory™ Expansion, a new technology for expanding a system’s effective memory capacity. Active Memory Expansion employs memory compression technology to transparently compress in-memory data, allowing more data to be placed into memory and thus expanding the memory capacity of POWER7 systems. Utilizing Active Memory Expansion can improve system utilization and increase a system’s throughput.

The "Active Memory Expansion: Overview and Usage Guide" provides an overview of AIX 6.1 and POWER7’s Active Memory Expansion technology, as well as guidance on how to deploy and monitor workloads with Active Memory Expansion.

The "Active Memory Expansion Performance" white paper describes the process of Active Memory Expansion in more detail in the next sections, and then reports measurements on a typical workload which illustrates the beneficial effects

"Active Memory Expansion: Overview and Usage Guide""

"Active Memory Expansion Performance" white paper:


Hardware; Software


Planning and Design


IBM BladeCenter; IBM Power Systems; IBM System p Family




Active Memory Expansion AIX 6.1 POWER7

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