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An Energy, Memory, and Performance Analysis Case Study on the IBM System z10 BC

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Elisabeth Stahl
Michael Buechele, John Rankin

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IBM Systems

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z10 BC

Abstract: As part of a dynamic infrastructure, the IBM System z10™ is an excellent platform for the integration of energy efficiency and performance. Many organizations are reaching the limits of available space and power at their data centers. With server virtualization and consolidation capabilities and a green footprint, the IBM System z10 is well suited to address these requirements.

This paper will discuss the IBM System z10 Business Class (z10 BC) and energy efficiency, highlight the additional memory on the z10 BC, and present a case study which focuses on energy efficiency, memory, and performance analysis.

z10 BC Memory.pdf


Hardware; Software




IBM System z Family


Linux; z/OS


z10 energy memory

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