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Optimizing SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) for IBM AIX

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Peter H Barnett
Stefan Karlsson (SAP Sybase), Mark Kusma (SAP Sybase), Dave Putz (SAP Sybase)

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Advanced Technical Sales

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Abstract: This is a paper from IBM and SAP Sybase to assist database administrators (DBAs) and UNIX system administrators working together to achieve the best possible performance from SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) on IBM Power Systems servers running in the IBM AIX operating environment.
The focus of this white paper is on SAP Sybase ASE 15.0.2 through SAP Sybase ASE 15.7, running under AIX 5.3, AIX 6.1, and AIX 7.1 on the IBM POWER6 and IBM POWER7 and IBM POWER7+ processor-based servers. The recommendations of the original version of this white paper, published in March 2006, applied to IBM AIX 5L logical partitions (LPARs) with dedicated processors, memory, and devices. The 2009 revision of the paper also addressed all relevant aspects of IBM PowerVM including shared-processor LPARs (referred to as IBM Micro-Partitioning) and virtual I/O, features which are only available in the POWER 5, POWER6, and POWER7 processor-based servers with AIX 5.3 or later releases. The 2012 revision of the white paper extended coverage to POWER7, enhancements to virtual I/O, and AIX 7.1 were relevant to ASE. The current revision extends coverage to ASE 15.7 Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) 4.2. Recent field and lab experience with POWER7and POWER7+ processor-based servers is applied to new or revised best practice recommendations. The recommendations apply to ASE Cluster Edition for AIX except where noted.

Optimizing SAP Sybase ASE for IBM AIX 2013 final.pdfOptimizing SAP Sybase ASE for IBM AIX 2013 final.pdf






ISV Applications


SAP; Sybase


IBM Power Systems




SAP, Sybase, ASE, AIX, POWER6, POWER7, performance, tuning, memory, processor, disk, network

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