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A Consolidation, Virtualization and Power Study on the IBM System z10

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Elisabeth Stahl
Michael Buechele, John Rankin

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IBM Systems

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Abstract: As the cost of power grows significantly and data centers start to need more power than they have available, consolidation and virtualization become important energy management strategies for corporations around the world. IBM has long been a champion of energy efficiency and the new IBM System z10 is an outstanding platform for the integration of power efficiency and performance. This paper will demonstrate the IBM System z10 as an excellent system for power efficiency and performance, discuss server consolidation and virtualization implementation and strategies, and highlight a power benchmarking study on this platform. The paper will conclude with next steps in power benchmarking for the IBM System z10.

z10 Consolidation Virtualization and Power.pdf






IBM System z Family



z10, consolidation, virtualization, power, energy

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