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DB2 9 and z/OS XML System Services Synergy Update

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Judy Ruby-Brown
Akiko Hoshikawa

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Advanced Technical Sales

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DB2 for z/OS and OS/390; z/OS

Abstract: The white paper, “DB2 9 and XML DB2 9 and z/OS XML System Services Synergy”, was published in August, 2007, It focused on initial measurements for pureXML™ technology using DB2® Version 9.1 for z/OS® (DB2 9 hereafter) as an exploiter of z/OS XML System Services. This paper can be read instead of its predecessor if it is desired. New topics for this paper:
1. New accounting fields have been provided in the DB2 trace records.
2. The workload has been run on a later version of the z/OS operating system and comparisons are documented.
3. The workload has been expanded to incorporate more XML benchmarks runs, including query. This is known as “mixed workload.”.
Measurements including zAAP redirection is shown for workloads such as the DB2 LOAD utility, TPoX Insert workload comparing z/OS 1.9 to z/OS 1.8, and a mixed TPoX workload (query and inserts). The RMF Workload Activity Report and OMPE DB2 Accounting trace show the breakdown of CPU that ran on GP engines and on specialty engines.







IBM System z Family

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Information Management; IBM System z Software




XML, zAAP, zIIP, DB2, pureXML, specialty engine, DB2 9, projectCPU

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