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Linux on System z, an end-to-end view: from Sizing to Performance Analysis to Capacity Planning

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Eduardo Oliveira
Dennis Mosby

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Advanced Technical Sales

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Linux on zSeries; zSeries 800; zSeries; z/VM

Abstract: Clients are thinking whether or not their mainframes are capable of absorbing the consolidated workloads from their current non-Mainframe servers. This presentation will discuss a scenario where a few Intel based servers were consolidated into an entry level zSeries machine, We will discuss the initial server consolidation sizing, the migration process, the simulation scenarios, and the final results obtained by running the zCP3000 tool against the "z" environment.. The presentation will conclude with the "real world" findings, comparing the projected utilization against the actual results measured by the z/VM monitor with Linux as a guest.

Linux on System z, an end to end view.pdf


Hardware; Software; Solutions


Installation and Migration


SOA Infrastructure


IBM System z Family

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IBM System z Software




Linux, zSeries, System z, z/VM, consolidation, sizing, performance, relative capacity, apache

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