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IBM System z9™ zIIP Measurements: SAP® OLTP, BI Batch, SAP BW Query, and DB2 Utility Workloads

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Seewah Chan
Seewah Chan, Veng Ly, Howard Poole, Mai Nguyen, Akira Shibamiya

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Systems and Technology Group

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# 2096; # 2105; DB2 Connect; DB2 for z/OS and OS/390; DS8000; ERP; IBM System z; pSeries 570; pSeries 620; pSeries 690; SAP; z9 EC; z/OS

Abstract: IBM recently introduced the System z9 Integrated Information Processor (zIIP) as a specialty engine to help improve resource utilization and lower the cost of portions of eligible workloads. zIIPs require at least DB2 for z/OS V8, a z9 system, z/OS 1.6, and, for maximum exploitation in an SAP environment, DB2 Connect. They can also imply specific application software levels such as in the case of SAP. zIIPs are especially intended for data serving workloads.

This paper describes some measurements done in IBM’s Laboratories utilizing z9 zIIP hardware and software. Four types of DB2 V8 workloads were measured:
- SAP OLTP exploiting Distributed Relational Database Architecture (DRDA – using DB2 Connect)
- Business Intelligence (BI) batch direct attached
- SAP BW query exploiting DRDA
- DB2 Utility

The purposes of these measurements were to:
- test these functions
- quantify the degree of redirect to zIIPs in different environments
- see if there are any CP costs



Hardware; Software




Business Intelligence; Enterprise Application Solutions (EAS/ERP); ISV Applications




Cross-Platform; IBM System p Family; IBM System z Family; IBM System Storage

S/W Pillar(s):

Information Management; IBM System z Software




SAP, zIIP, DB2, Measurements

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