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High Availability Architectures For Linux on IBM System z

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Bruce H Gilkes

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Sales and Distribution

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DB2 for z/OS and OS/390; DB2 Universal Database; IBM eServer zSeries; Linux on zSeries; Oracle RAC; Oracle Database; Parallel Sysplex; WebSphere Application Server; WebSphere Edge Server; zSeries; z/OS; IBM System z

Abstract: This paper combines the efforts and talents of the IBM System z™ New Technology Center, the eServer™ High Availability Center of Competence, and Linux® on System z Integration Test to produce a set of reference architectures that provide High Availability for applications running on Linux for System z.

This paper focuses on those architectures that cover the following scenarios:
Where the application runs on Linux virtual servers under z/VM®. The database may be on Linux for System z or on z/OS®.
Of highest interest to our customers.
Unique to System z. Not covered are scenarios and architectures that have already been documented on other distributed platforms. WebSphere® HA has been extensively covered in many documents. Although our architectures will use HA features of WebSphere, we will not concentrate on documenting WebSphere. (Please see the references section for more WebSphere HA documentation). Rather, we will concentrate on the HA aspects of the database servers that WebSphere applications would use and how System z HA features can benefit database servers.
Have not been documented before on System z.

This paper does not cover:
All the details necessary to implement the reference architectures. For those details, please refer to “System z Platform Test Report for z/OS and Linux Virtual Servers” written by the IBM Poughkeepsie Test and Integration Center for Linux.
HA networking considerations. We cover the major components and flow between them. We have not covered how to create a highly available network.
How to HA-enable your storage subsystem.

HA Architectures for System z Linux.PDF HA Architectures for System z Linux.PDF




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IBM System z Family

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Information Management; WebSphere; IBM System z Software


Linux; z/OS


high availability

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