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Building a Quick and Simple WebSphere for z/OS V6 Runtime Environment

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Don Bagwell

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Washington Systems Center

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Abstract: For those not familiar with WebSphere Application Server for z/OS Version 5 or Version 6, building your first operational server runtime can be intimidating. Most documents dedicate themselves to going into lots of technical detail on various aspects of WebSphere. But if all you want to do is create a simple server environment -- perhaps your very first such server environment -- then what you want is a simple step-by-step process easy to follow and relatively foolproof.

That's the objective behind this document. It's intended for those coming from the WebSphere for z/OS V3.5 environment, or the V4 "Simple Configuration," which required little more than the IBM HTTP Server. Going from that to WebSphere for z/OS V6 is a big leap. Creating a "Standalone Server" to gain a little experience and perhaps tests your servlets is a step towards making the move to WebSphere for z/OS Version 6.

This document is a step-by-step "cookbook" for creating a simple Standalone Server.

WP100570 - Building a Quick and Simple WAS V6 Runtime.pdf




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IBM System z Family

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Information Management; WebSphere




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