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WebSphere Application Server for z/OS - Planning for Test, Production and Maintenance

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Don Bagwell

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Advanced Technical Sales

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WebSphere Application Server for z/OS

Abstract: When considering the issue of creating separate Test and Production environments, or creating an environment where maintenance updates applied while maintaining availability ... then the key is isolating the relationship between the configuration files and the product files. How that's done is the subject of the papers attached here.

Version 8.0 and Version 8.5
    The key difference between V8.0 / V8.5 and previous version is the use of IBM Installation Manager (IM) to perform the initial install and the install of maintenance updates. However, when it comes to designing in isolation for test, production and maintenance the use of IM does not really change the key concepts from those seen with SMP/E.

    This document also has a section on Liberty Profile z/OS, which came available with V8.5.

    WP100396 - Test, Production, Maintenance V8 and V85.pdfWP100396 - Test, Production, Maintenance V8 and V85.pdf
Version 7.0
    There is not a separate paper for Version 7. The principles of isolation for V7 apply in the same way as they do for V8 and V8.5. The difference is with V7.0 SMP/E was used to create the product file system while for V8 and V8.5 IBM Installation Manager is. Otherwise, the same concepts and principles apply. Therefore, read the V8 / V8.5 document and think "SMP/E" rather than "IM" when the topic of creating a product file system is mentioned. Otherwise, the same principles apply.
Version 6.1 and Earlier
    Back in V6.1 days (and earlier), the WAS z/OS product was delivered as both a PDSE module library and a UNIX file system. Isolating for test, production and maintenance back then involved keeping track of updating both elements of the product.

    V6.1 is long since out of support, so at this point you should have moved to a higher level.

    WP100396 - Test, Production, Maintenance V6.1.pdfWP100396 - Test, Production, Maintenance V6.1.pdf




Planning and Design


IBM System z Family

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WebSphere WAS z/OS test production maintenance isolation intermediate symlinks

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