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WebSphere Application Server for z/OS - Planning for Test, Production and Maintenance

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Don Bagwell

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Washington Systems Center

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WebSphere Application Server for z/OS

Abstract: Whenever multiple WebSphere Application Server for z/OS environments are present, the need to isolate them from one another is also present. This is particularly true when the WebSphere Test environment needs to be completely isolated from the WebSphere Production environment. One activity that brings this issue to the forefront is maintenance. Here the desire is to isolate one WebSphere cell from another, and even isolate nodes within a cell from one another. The latter is necessary when "non-disruptive rolling maintenance" is the objective.

The key to all this is configuring the WebSphere cell initially so it has the ability -- the flexibility -- to be isolated from other environments. It's not a very difficult thing to achieve. However, it's not necessarily obvious how it's achieved. This paper shows how it's done.

This paper is relatively short -- 30 or so pages -- and focuses on the essential concepts of isolating environments.

This paper replaces an earlier version of WP100396, which was considerably more detailed. But that paper was written over two years ago, contained more complexity than it needed to, and also included one glaring error (the error being the illustration of rolling maintenance to the DMGR node last, when in truth the DMGR should always be updated first). So we re-wrote this paper, shortened it up, and made it more concise and focused.

If anyone desires a copy of the earlier version, e-mail me at

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IBM System z Family

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