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Washington Systems Center Sample WebSphere for z/OS ND Configuration

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David Follis

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IBM Cloud

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WebSphere Application Server for z/OS

Abstract: This white paper documents an actual WebSphere Network Deployment configuration, including: the planning considerations that went into things such as the naming convention, TCP port allocation, shared HFS and clustering; and a panel-by-panel explanation of how the configuration was actually built. This paper bridges the gap between theory and practice -- this is an actual configuration, up and running at the Washington Systems Center.

Though written for the W502 level of the product code, the essential points are still applicable to the W510 release as well. Some minor ISPF panel changes have been made since the paper was written. The paper primary message is still very much applicable. Just be aware that some panels you see on your ISPF screen may not be exactly the same as shown in the paper.

In addition to the PDF, an Excel spreadsheet is provided that makes developing your critical naming convention an easier task. The spreadsheet was developed by John Cowel of the IBM WebSphere Technical Sales team. It has been updated to reflect changes in the W510200 level of maintenance. See the bottom of the "Documentation" sheet in the file for the "history" of updates and changes.

WP100367 - Sample WAS ND Configuration.pdf WP100367 - WebSphere V5 Configuration.xls




Planning and Design


IBM System z Family

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OS/390; z/OS


configuration, sample, WebSphere, ND, Washington Systems Center

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