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Installation Manager 1.8.5 Sample Jobs

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Don Bagwell
Jeff Mierzejewski

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Advanced Technical Sales

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WebSphere Application Server; WebSphere Application Server for z/OS; z/OS

Abstract: This document contains sample jobs that can be used to install and manage Installation Manager 1.8.5 (and above) as well as install and manage packages using IM.

Installation Manager Sample Jobs for z/OS
    The attached file contains a set of sample jobs for using IBM Installation Manager on z/OS. These jobs are also contained in the SGINJCL library of the IBM Installation Manager install kit (5655-IMZ); they are provided here for those customers who choose to download the install kit from rather than installing it with SMP/E.

    Edit and submit this file as a batch job to place the following samples into a partitioned data set.
      GIN2ADMN Create a user ID and group for an Installation Manager
      GIN2CFS Create and mount a filesystem for a new Installation Manager
      GIN2INST Create an Installation Manager
      GIN2UNIN Remove an Installation Manager

      GIN3CFS Create and mount a filesystem for a new product
      GIN3INST Install a product with Installation Manager
      GIN3LSTA List available product levels in a repository
      GIN2LSTI List installed products
      GIN3UNIN Uninstall a product with Installation Manager

      GIN3CMD Issue an Installation Manager command
      GIN3CRED Create a credentials file to access IBM's web-based repository
      GIN3REPO Create and mount a filesystem for a local repository
    Note: These jobs require a minimum Installation Manager level of 1.8.5.
    For more information about IBM Installation Manager, see:




Installation and Migration


IBM System z Family

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Installation Manager IM 1.8.5 Sample Jobs WAS V9

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