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Top Ten Basic Zoning Tips for IBM Spectrum Virtualize (SVC)

Abstract: Basic zoning and the Top 10 most common SVC zoning woe's and corrections are presented and discussed in this White Paper.

This presentation/White paper discusses the top 10 zoning tips for new zoning strategies that have changed and evolved with new IBM Spectrum Virtualize (SVC) technology. A review the use of 16 port nodes, dual SAN Fabric Core and Enhanced Stretch Cluster networking designs which require new zoning practices is included. Examples of new designs for proper resiliency and redundancy, zoning and connectivity to back-end and front-end devices, AIX VIOS for LPM, ESX, and other servers to ensure and test proper fail over are shown. Chuck presented this document at the 2016 Atlanta Technical University and many IBM communities .
IBM Spectrum Virtualize - BP Zoning 101-v9.2.pdfIBM Spectrum Virtualize - BP Zoning 101-v9.2.pdf



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