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DevOps-Continuous Integration Solution for System z Development

Abstract: IBM’s Rational Test Virtualization Solution for Automated Integration and Continuous Testing focuses on a key set of problems most organizations face: that being time, and resources required to set up and manage test environments. Traditionally, resources are bogged down installing hardware, setting up application servers, database servers, installing application software, and having to configure environments that cannot be shared with other testing teams. Not only this is very capital intensive problem, but as environments have become more and more complex, this is also a very error prone process that typically involves a lot of scrap and rework.
What the IBM solutions does is to enable organizations to address that problem by Virtualizing complete stacks of software, hardware, and services, enabling developers and testers to stand up test environments in a matter of minutes vs. weeks, which enables them to start testing much earlier than previously possible, this approach is known as "Shifting left" your Test environment strategy.

zSummit 2015-How can I shift left to achieve better business results (v1.1).pptxzSummit 2015-How can I shift left to achieve better business results (v1.1).pptx



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