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Resolving Build Issues of SCA Modules Built from Source Code Repository Systems

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Samir Nasser

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WebSphere Process Server

Abstract: When checking SCA module artifacts developed in IBM Integration Designer 8.0.x into a source code repository system, auto-generated Java code does not get checked in. The build generated from such code in the source code repository system such as CVS may compile fine, but will produce errors at runtime. This tech note addresses one such issue that results when the auto-generated Java code associated with a WebSphere JDBC Adapter is not checked in.

SCA modules that make sue of WebSphere Adapters such as WebSphere JDBC Adapter will be totally functional at runtime when they are built in the IBM Integration Designer workspace. However, when such SCA modules are checked into a source code repository system, the built module from the checked in code will not be functional. This is because, by default, the auto-generated Java objects created when the WebSphere Adapter service is developed do not get checked in. Although the built module from the source code repository system may not have errors, the corresponding application will produce errors at runtime when the WebSphere Adapter service is called. The following exception shows an actual runtime error that results from calling a WebSphere JDBC Adapter service:
ResourceException thrown in J2CMethodBindingImpl.invoke() javax.resource.ResourceException: Illegal argument: the value of input Record is null

In the error above, the Record is specific to our WebSphere JDBC Adapter service. To resolve this error, perform the following procedure:
  1. Switch to the Java or Java EE perspective in the IBM Integration Designer tool
  2. Expand the SCA module where the WebSphere J2C Adapter service was generated
  3. Expand the gen/src folder
  4. Check into the source code repository system all the WebSphere J2C Adapter auto-generated Java artifacts that show up under the gen/src folder.




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Linux; Windows 7; Windows XP


WebSphere JDBC Adapter, WebSphere Process Server, IBM Integration Designer

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