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Refactoring Namespaces in IBM Integration Designer

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Samir Nasser

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WebSphere Process Server

Abstract: Refactoring interface and business object namespaces in IBM Integration Designer 8.0.x requires a special care. When refactoring namespaces for BPEL components, it is quite possible that the module containing a BPEL component may not deploy or start. This document provides the possible error that can occur when refactoring namespaces for BPEL components and the way to get around it.

After refactoring the namespaces for a BPEL component interface and/or corresponding referenced business objects in IBM Integration Designer 8.0.x, the following error can occur when deploying and starting the BPEL-containing module:
[4/1/13 19:23:08:108 EDT] 00000009 TraceBPE E -------------------------- Assertion Failure ----------------------------
[4/1/13 19:23:08:108 EDT] 00000009 TraceBPE E
[4/1/13 19:23:08:108 EDT] 00000009 TraceBPE E Assertion violation !(portType != null) in method >> <<
[4/1/13 19:23:08:108 EDT] 00000009 TraceBPE E
[4/1/13 19:23:08:108 EDT] 00000009 TraceBPE E -------------------------------------------------------------------------

This error can occur even for BPEL microflows (short-running process).

Here are the steps that should be performed to avoid this problem:
  1. Right-click the interface or a business object and click Refactor or Analyze Impact --> Change Namespace...
  2. Make a change to the namespace and click Refactor. The refactoring process may complete without errors.
  3. Repeat the previous two steps until you are done with the namespace refactoring
  4. From the Project menu, click Clean... and clean all projects. When the cleanup process is complete, you may find namespace-related errors in Java components because the refactoring process does not change the namespace that is embedded in Java components.
  5. Fix any namespace-related error that may occur
  6. Publish the BPEL-containing module to the WebSphere Process Server test environment
  7. Inspect the WebSphere logs to make sure that the module has started. This is necessary because the servers view may show that it is synchronized even though the module may have failed to start.

If you follow the above procedure and still run into the Assertion Failure problem, then refactor the date when the BPEL process becomes valid. The screen shot below shows where to make the change to the date.

If that also fails to resolve the Assertion Failure problem, start a new workspace with the code containing the new namespaces.




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Linux; Windows 7; Windows XP


BPEL, WebSphere Process Server, Refactoring, Namespaces, IBM Integration Designer

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