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TS7700 Code, Hardware and Grid Interoperability

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Thorsten Altmannsberger

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SSPD Authors

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Product(s) covered:

TS1120; TS1130; TS1140; TS1150; TS3500; TS4500; TS7700; TS7720; TS7740

Abstract: TS7700 Code, Hardware and Grid Interoperability Matrix

This Technote contains a matrix showing the interoperability between specific code levels and hardware releases of the IBM TS7700 family: controller engines, cache models and backend tape libraries and drives. Furthermore it shows the code level dependencies for different field scenarios and supports you in planning:
  • Code upgrades on a single cluster
  • Code upgrades within a grid
  • Joining a new, empty cluster into an existing grid
  • Merging clusters or entire grids with existing data
  • Replacing server engines or frames (server engine + cache)
  • Supported tape backend switches
  • Functions table

Updated with support for R4.2

TS7700 Code, Hardware and Grid Interoperability V4.2.pdfTS7700 Code, Hardware and Grid Interoperability V4.2.pdf




Planning and Design


IBM Storage



TS7700, TS7720, TS7720T, TS7740, TS7760, TS7760T, TS7760C, 3957, 3956, V06, V07, VEA, VEB, VEC, CC6, CX6, CC7, CX7, CS7, XS7, CC8, CS8, CC9, CX9, CS9, XS9, CSA, XSA

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