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Quick performance overview for SAN Volume Controller (SVC) and Storwize Systems

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Christian Karpp

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STG Sales

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Product(s) covered:

# 2072; # 2076; # 2077; # 2078; # 2145; # 4939

Abstract: This tool provides a quick performance overview of an SVC/Storwize cluster by just accessing the product's CLI from a Unix box.

Welcome to 'qperf', release 2014-05.

This little collection of scripts is "work in progress".
Please feel free to send feedback to

Scripts included in this package:
'node_stats' - to get the node statistics
'nodecomm_stats' - to get the intra-node communication statistics
'port_stats' - to get the node's ports statistics
'partition_stats' - to get cache partition statistics
'mdisk_stats' - to get the mdisk statistics
'volume_stats' - to get the volume statistics
'drive_stats' - to get statistics for the local drives
'all' - a shortcut which will process all metric files found in the given directory

'basic' - similar to 'all', but for basic performance metrics only (quicker).

'qperf_analyser.xlsm' - an Excel (2010+) VBA macro for easy visualization and analysis.

Please see "readme.txt" in the tar archive for further details and limitations.






IBM System Storage


AIX; Linux; Windows


SVC Storwize V3700 V5000 V7000 V7000-Flex Performance Statistics

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