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SVC Node Replacement and Node Addition Procedures

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Byron M Grossnickle

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Advanced Technical Sales

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# 2145; SAN Volume Controller; SAN Volume Controller SW

Abstract: The scope of this document is two fold. The first section provides a procedure for replacing existing nodes in an SVC cluster non-disruptively. For example, the current cluster consists of two 2145-8F2 nodes and the desire is to replace them with two 2145-CF8 nodes maintaining the cluster size at two nodes. The second section provides a procedure to add nodes to an existing cluster to expand the cluster to support additional workload. For example, the current cluster consists of two 2145-8G4 nodes and the desire is to grow it to a four node cluster by adding two 2145-CF8 nodes.

The objective of this document is to provide greater detail on the steps required to perform the above procedures then is currently available in the SVC Software Installation and Configuration Guide, SC23-6628.

Procedures for replacing nodes and adding nodes to existing SVC clusters V3R5.pdf


Hardware; Software


Installation and Migration


IBM System Storage



SVC, SAN Volume Controller, Node Replacement, Node Addition, Non-disruptive

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