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AIX, VIOS and HMC Facts & Features

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Ravi Singh

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Field Technical Sales Support

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AIX; AIX 5L; BladeCenter; HACMP; HACMP/ES; Hardware Management Console; IBM eServer OpenPower; IBM eServer p5; IBM eServer pSeries; IBM System p5; Java; Java Development Kit; JDK; LPAR; Power4; Power5; pSeries; pSeries Server; RS/6000

Abstract: AIX Facts & Features document lists and compares features and functionality of different levels of AIX Operating System, VIOS and HMC code. This document also has a reference table on the port nos. used by HMC and HBA/FC adapter features.

AIX Facts & Features.pdf


Hardware; Software


Planning and Design


IBM System p Family

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AIX, AIX 6, AIX 5L, PowerVM, APV, VIOS, HMC, HMC Ports, BladeCenter, PowerHA, HACMP, HACMP/ES, Hardware Management Console, IBM eServer OpenPower, IBM eServer p5, IBM eServer pSeries, IBM System p5, Java, Java Development Kit, JDK, LPAR, POWER4, POWER5, POWER6, Power Systems, pSeries, pSeries Server, RS/6000, HBA, Fibre Channel Adapter, Firmware

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