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Classify the Application Control Region in WLM OMVS rules

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Don Bagwell

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Advanced Technical Sales

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WebSphere Application Server for z/OS

Abstract: The control region start-up proc invokes another step with Service level W500104 . This can elongate the startup of a server instance because the BPXBATCH shell script is classified according to the OMVS classification rules.

The first two steps of the control region start-up procs (BBO5ACR) invoke the BPXBATCH shell script, and does not inherit the service classification of the started task (according to STC rules.) This can greatly elongate the startup of a control region because . It will be classified on the OMVS rules and if not handled appropriately on a busy system will cause multiple minutes delay before BBOCTL gets control.
The purpose of the additional step is to check the service level delivered, applied, and pending for WebSphere, and log the results in the <webshphere_root_directory>/<AppServer>/properties/service/logs/applyPTF.log file.
Sample BBO5ACR Procedure: Note the extra 'APPLY' step.
//WSACR  PROC ENV=,PARMS=' ',Z=AZACRZ                                           
// SET ROOT='/wasv5config/azcell'                                               
// SET FOUT='properties/service/logs/applyPTF.out'                              
//APPLY   EXEC PGM=BPXBATCH,REGION=0M,                                          
// PARM='SH &ROOT./&ENV./../../../../../../../bin/ inline' <<==
//STDOUT   DD PATH='&ROOT./&ENV./../../../../../../../&FOUT.',                  
//STDERR   DD PATH='&ROOT./&ENV./../../../../../../../&FOUT.',                  
// PARM='TRAP(ON,NOSPIE),ENVAR("_EDC_UMASK_DFLT=007") / &PARMS.'                
//BBOENV DD PATH='&ROOT/&ENV/was.env'                                           
// INCLUDE MEMBER=&Z                                                            

This can be mitigated by classifying the BPXBATCH step using the WLM Workload Classification Rules for OMVS work. Use the started task jobnames (TN in the WLM panels) to classify this work into a sufficiently high service objective. (In our case, we classify these processes in the 'EBIZ_HI' service class which has an importance of 1, and Velocity of 50.)

WLM OMVS Classification Rules: Note the classification of the 'WSSRV*' server regions.

                Modify Rules for the Subsystem Type        
Subsystem Type . : OMVS        Fold qualifier names?   Y  (Y or N)      
Description  . . . E_Biz Classification Rule                            
          --------Qualifier--------               -------Class--------  
Action    Type       Name     Start                Service     Report   
                                         DEFAULTS: EBIZ_DEF    ________ 
 ____  1  TN         FTPSERVE ___                  EBIZ_HI     ________ 
 ____  1  UI         OMVSKERN ___                  SYSSTC      ________ 
 ____  1  TN         WSSRV*   ___                  EBIZ_HI     RPTACR  <<==

SDSF DA Panel Note the lines with stepnames 'STEP1' and '*OMVSEX'): 
NP   JOBNAME  JobID    StepName ProcStep SrvClass Workload ASIDX CPU-Ti Real
     WSDEMNA  STC06165 WSDMNA   BBODAEMN SYSSTC   SYSTEM    0323   1.26 5981
     WSSRV1   STC06267 WSSRV1   *OMVSEX  OPS_DEF  OPS_WKL   0329   0.13  471
     WSSRV11  STC06254 STEP1             EBIZ_HI  EBIZ_WKL  0312  11.03  497 <<==
     WSSRV12  STC06258 *OMVSEX           EBIZ_HI  EBIZ_WKL  031F   0.00  232 <<==

Another result of this early step added to the control region procedure, is that if you start another copy of the server instance by mistake, it will take another minute or two before it ABENDs with a C9C22433, and BBOO0146I ARM REGISTRATION FAILED - ARM DETECTED A DUPLICATE NAME






IBM System z Family

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