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Addressing Common z/OS Problems

Document Author:

Riaz Ahmad

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Doc. Organization:

Washington Systems Center

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Product(s) covered:

z/OS; z/OS.e; IBM System z

Abstract: There are situations which may arise in a z/OS environment, some release-specific while others are independent of release, and exhibit themselves in a variety of different ways that have the potential to impact users, jobs, or throughput and the system. Some of the symptoms are relatively minor, including error messages. Others have greater impact on a z/OS system and may include system hangs, delays in throughput, or potentially a system outage.

The topics discussed in this paper can be identified and addressed as indicated in each topic section. The intent of this paper is to bring these issues to the forefront so that z/OS system programmers will be aware of them and also have the opportunity, if appropriate, to take the recommended actions in order to mitigate or prevent such situations from occurring.

zOS Common Problems.pdf




Operational Management


IBM System z Family

S/W Pillar(s):

IBM System z Software




z/OS, Logger, XCF, Health Checker, MAXCAD, ASM, PAGING

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