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IBM System z I/O Feature Reference Table

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Don Clarke

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Techline Americas

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Product(s) covered:

# 2094; # 2096; # 2097; # 2098; PureData System for Transactions; # 2817; # 2818; # 2827; # 2828; Crypto Coprocessor; FICON; IBM eServer zSeries; IBM System z; IBM Z; OSA-E; Parallel Sysplex; z9-109; z9 BC; z9 EC; z10; z10 BC; z10 EC; z114; z13; z196; zEC12; zEnterprise; zEnterprise 196; zEnterprise EC12; zSeries 800; zSeries 890; zSeries 900; zSeries 990; zSeries

Abstract: IBM z Systems I/O Feature Reference Table grouped by card type / function: OSA, FICON, Parallel Sysplex, Special Function Cards, Cryptography, ESCON, and I/O Support.

These documents provide a table showing information about IBM z Systems I/O features and the specific machine types on which they are supported. The information contained in the table has been derived from a variety of sources: announcement letters, Solutions Assurance Product Review guides, product manuals, order specification documents, installation instructions, ITSO presentations and manuals, and other Techdocs items.

If you see any errors or omissions, or wish to make any suggestions, please contact the author:
Don Clarke, IBM Canada Ltd. -, (519) 932-3417

IBM System z IO Feature Reference Table - Feb 18 2015b.xlsIBM System z IO Feature Reference Table - Feb 18 2015b.xls IBM System z IO Feature Reference Table - Feb 18 2015b.pdfIBM System z IO Feature Reference Table - Feb 18 2015b.pdf

Change history:
Feb 18, 2015 z13 announcement contents ("b" level corrections April 29, 2015)
Aug 14, 2014 z196 & z114 withdrawn from marketing
Sept 23, 2013 zEC12 withdrawal from marketing of OSA Express4S and TKE features
July 23, 2013 zBC12 and zEC12 GA2 announcement contents; removed old OSA and FICON Express features; added "Special
Function Cards" section
Aug 28, 2012 zEC12 announcement contents; z10 withdrawn from marketing; removed z890/z990
Aug 24, 2011 zEnterprise 114 and 196 GA2 announcement contents; Fiber type and connectors now in separate columns
Sept 17, 2010 zEnterprise 196 announcement contents; add withdrawn from marketing indicator; removed z800/z900; title change
Jan 14, 2010 z10 Crypto Express3 features; expanded the Crypto section with contributions from Greg Boyd, IBM ATS
July 21, 2009 z10 FICON Express8 features
Oct 21, 2008 z10 BC and z10 EC GA2 announcement contents
May 6, 2008 z10 EC OSA-Express3 features
Feb 26, 2008 z10 EC announcement contents; restructured to fit 2 pages
April 20, 2007 z9 BC GA2 & z9 EC GA3 announcement contents




Product Positioning


IBM System z Family

S/W Pillar(s):

IBM System z Software


Linux; MVS; OS/390; z/VM; z/OS; z/VSE


CCIN, Feature, OSA, OSA Express2, OSA Express3, OSA Express4S, OSA Express5S, FCP, FICON, FICON Express2, FICON Express4, FICON Express8, FICON Express8S, FICON Express16S, ESCON, Cryptography, Crypto, CPACF, coupling links, ISC, ICB, Infiniband, IFB, PCIe, ETR, zSeries, System z, z Systems, zEnterprise, z9, z10, z114, z196, zBC12, zEC12, z13

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