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CPU MF - Update and WSC Experiences

Abstract: Abstract: This document contains a recent presentation that overviews the CPU Measurement Facility: what it is, how to enable it, why you should use it, along with the latest updates for z13. The session covers recent 2016 WSC performance experiences and uses of CPU MF COUNTERS, and how collecting CPU MF Counters in now a Best Practice to match your workloads to the latest IBM LSPR with the L1MP and Relative Nest Intensity metrics.

Also included are additional attachments which provides the detailed instructions for enabling collecting CPU Counters on z/OS, the latest CPU MF formulas, and an Enablement Education link.

1 – 2016 CPU MF Update - Presentation
2016 CPU MF Update.pdf2016 CPU MF Update.pdf

2 - Collecting CPU MF (Counters) on z/OS – Detailed Instructions
Detailed  CPU MF Counters Enablement Instructions June 2017.pdfDetailed CPU MF Counters Enablement Instructions June 2017.pdf

3 - 2017 CPU MF z13 Formulas and Updates

CPU MF Formulas including z13 - February 2017.pdfCPU MF Formulas including z13 - February 2017.pdf

4 - Additional z/OS CPU MF Enablement Education can be found at:



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