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CPU MF Overview and WSC Experiences

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Abstract: This document contains a recent SHARE presentation that overviews the new z10 CPU Measurement Facility: what it is, how to enable it, and why you may want to use it. It also covers recent WSC z10 performance experiences where the CPU MF COUNTERS capability was utilized and provides an update on how CPU MF may be used to help characterize workloads for capacity sizing.

Also an additional attachment is included which provides detailed instructions for collecting CPU COUNTERS on z/OS.

1 - z10 CPU MF Overview and WSC Experiences - SHARE Presentation
Session 2113 -  z10 CPU MF Overview and WSC Experiences Final.pdf

2- Collecting CPU MF (COUNTERS) on z/OS Detailed Instructions
Data Collection for CPU MF COUNTERS.pdf



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