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CP3KVMXT VM Extract Utility for zCP3000 Capacity Planning

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Gretchen Frye

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Advanced Technical Sales

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zEnterprise; z/VM

Abstract: zCP3000 VM Extract Utility uses CP Monitor data from z/VM to create EDF input for the zCP3000 capacity planning tool or the zPCR Processor Comparison Reference tool.

The CPS Tools on this webpage are only authorized for IBM employees and Certified IBM Business Partners. IBM Customers only have access to zPCR, zBNA, and zSoftCap which are obtained using publicly available websites.
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Version 2.7k
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The zCP3000 VM Extract Utility (CP3KVMXT) reads CP Monitor data and generates an Enterprise Data File (EDF) of system and workload related measurements for input into zCP3000. It supports VM running as native or in a partition. It can be used to model interactive VM workloads or workloads under guest operating systems such as Linux.

Note: The CP3KVMXT executable downloads from the website, which posts changes a few days earlier than Techdocs. It is possible that the Techdocs web page changes and user's guide will lag behind the  CP3KVMXT executable.

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Planning and Design


IBM System z Family

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IBM System z Software




CP3KVMXT, z/VM, VM, EDF, zCP3000, CP3000, Capacity Planning, CPUMF, zPCR, monitor

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