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ISMF & DFSMS Walkthrough and Tutorial

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Matthew G Hodak
David Betten, Brian Dalton

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Systems HW Sales

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DFSMS; IBM Z; z Systems; z/OS

Abstract: Explore ISMF and DFSMS in this guided walkthrough of the Washington Systems Center's test environment, in order to learn more about Data Classes, ACS Routines, provisioning Extended Format Data Sets, and more.

In this Beginner's Guide to ISMF, Brian Dalton narrates a walkthrough of the WSC Test Environment with Dave Betten in order to demonstrate key features of ISMF and DFSMS. This video explores how to access ISMF, Data Classes, Storage Classes, Management Classes, Storage Groups, ACS Routines, and Allocating New Data Sets. Brian and Dave focus specifically on how to create Extended Format Data Sets and the functionality that Extended Format provides (Data Set-level encryption, compression, striping, and more).
ISMF Walkthrough - Dave Betten & Brian Dalton 1.14.19.mp4


Hardware; Software


Operational Management



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IBM System z Software




ISMF, DFSMS, z/OS, Z Systems

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