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Exporting and formatting the DS8880 Performance Summary

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Craig Gordon

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Advanced Technical Sales

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# 2107; # 2831; # 2832; # 2833; # 2834

Abstract: Export and format the DS8880 performance summary data

The DS8880 starting with microcode level release 8.2 can export the performance summary for up to the past week at one minute intervals. This includes system wide performance statistics, I/O port statistics, array statistics and storage pool statistics. The exported data is requested via the web user interface and saved as a compressed ZIP file on your workstation and contains a single CSV file. This spreadsheet is optional, but contains an Excel macro which can be used to import and format the exported CSV file into separate worksheet tabs for each set of statistics for further analysis using Excel Pivot charts.
A short video demonstrating the export function is provided as well as the slides from the recording.

DS8000 GUI Import Performance Data 2016-12-12 .xlsbDS8000 GUI Import Performance Data 2016-12-12 .xlsbExporting DS8000 Performance Summary 2017-01-03.pdfExporting DS8000 Performance Summary 2017-01-03.pdfExporting the DS8000 Performance Summary 2017-01-04.mp4Exporting the DS8000 Performance Summary 2017-01-04.mp4




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