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ZCONN1 - z/OS Connect Wildfire Materials

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David Follis
Michael Kearney

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IBM Cloud

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WebSphere Application Server for z/OS; z/OS

Abstract: z/OS Connect is a feature of Liberty Profile for z/OS that provides a REST/JSON 'gateway' to the z/OS LPAR. In addition to providing the REST/JSON listener, it also adds the ability to "discover" the configured REST APIs through a set of query APIs, a data conversion routine, an SMF audit function as well as an access control mechanism.

The material attached here is from the ZCONN1 Wildfire Workshop developed to provide an introduction and hands-on experience with z/OS Connect.

Wildfire Program Techdoc Page

WP102439 Techdoc on z/OS Connect

Unit 1 - Overview

Unit 2 - Liberty Profile and WOLA
    z/OS Connect is a feature of Liberty Profile z/OS, and it uses WOLA (WebSphere Optimized Local Adapters) to communicate with backend systems such as CICS, or a long-running started task. In this unit we cover both Liberty Profile z/OS and WOLA at a medium level of detail so anyone unfamiliar with Liberty Profile or WOLA can better understand how z/OS Connect operates.

    Unit 2 - CHARTS - Liberty and WOLA.pdfUnit 2 - CHARTS - Liberty and WOLA.pdf
    Unit 2 - NOTES - Liberty and WOLA.pdf

Unit 3 - z/OS Connect

Unit 4 - Security
    Up to this point in the workshop the topic of security was deliberately minimized. Security is very important, of course; but early in the learning process it is better to focus on the fundamental concepts and then, when those are better understood, go into the topic of security. That is what is done in the final unit of the workshop.

    Unit 4 - CHARTS - zOS Connect Security.pdfUnit 4 - CHARTS - zOS Connect Security.pdf
    Unit 4 - NOTES - zOS Connect Security.pdf

Hands-on Lab Guide
    To reinforce the material presented in the units above, a set of hands-on exercises is also part of the ZCONN1 workshop. The PDF below is the step-by-step lab guide for the workshop:

    ZCONN1 Lab Instructions.pdfZCONN1 Lab Instructions.pdf

    Note: the hands-on lab instructions are very specific to the z/OS lab environment we use for the workshop. If you are seeking a step-by-step guide to setting up z/OS Connect on your own system, see the WP102439 Techdoc mentioned above. That has a "Quick Start Guide" that will take you through setup and validation of z/OS Connect.




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IBM System z Family

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z/OS Connect ZCONN1

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