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The new IBM TS4500 Tape Library - Overview and Demo

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Jeff Ziehm

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Advanced Technical Sales

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# 3584

Abstract: The IBM TS4500 tape library is a next-generation storage solution designed to help enterprises respond to storage challenges. With the IBM TS4500, IBM delivers the density that today’s data growth requires. Now organizations can achieve both a low cost per terabyte (TB) and a high TB density per square foot. In fact, TS4500 can store up to 2.2 PBs of data in a single 10 square foot library frame, up to 3.4 times more capacity than the IBM TS3500 tape library. This session will include a live demo of the new TS4500 GUI.

Accelerate_with_ATS-TS4500_Overview_2014-07-15.mp3 Accelerate with ATS - TS4500 Overview  2014-07-15.pptxAccelerate with ATS - TS4500 Overview 2014-07-15.pptx Accelerate_with_ATS-TS4500_Overview_2014-07-15.wmv




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