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Using WebSphere Liberty profile to have a solution to develop, register and consume widget services from web pages

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Francesco Barone

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Global Technology Services

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Abstract: This solution is a repository of services named widgets that are available to be consumed in the user web pages simply creating a link to the services in the catalog. The widgets are developed and running in WebSphere Liberty profile instances. Multiple WebSphere Liberty instances can join to solution.

This solution was born from a specific requirement found at one customer site. The customer would easily integrate in their own web pages some reporting services output. In a first moment, I think to support the web page developers to access and integrate with the reporting solution, but in this way, I will risk to have an high effort to support developers and their requirements. So I had the idea to create reporting services (web-widgets) and give to developers only the specification about how consume the widgets from their web-pages.
In this way, I have defined a line between who develops the widget-services and who consumes the services.

The widget service developers build the widget and install in a widget server container. Then automatically, the widget server container will register the service to the central repository. The central repository, named gadget server is the services catalog of solution.

The web site developer, could search in the catalog and choose the desired services to be included in their pages.





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