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ScreenCam - Managing IBM POWER™ Platforms with SmartCloud Entry and SAP NetWeaverŽ Landscape Virtualization Management

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Matthias Koechl
Walter Orb

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Software Sales

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Power; POWER7; PureFlex; SAN Volume Controller; SAP

Abstract: The narrated 15min screencam video shows, how the combination of IBM SmartCloud Entry and SAP NetWeaver Landscape Virtualization Management supports end-to-end on-premise cloud operations. It showcases a end-to-end workflow of online cloning an operational SAP source systems into a test environment. The video outlines how well technology integration can improve and accelerate typical administrator tasks while still adhering to organizational responsibilities within an enterprise.

Download attached ZIP-file. It will unpack in a folder "SmartCloud Entry_and_SAP_LVM".
  1. You can replay the contained MP4-file named "SmartCloud Entry_SAP_LVM_ScreenCam.mp4" using your default media player supporting a MP4 codec.
  2. You can launch the video within a web-browser by double-clickking "Launch_SCE_LVM_Video.html".
    This will allow you to quickly navigate through key sequences of the video, For doing so, activate navigation panel by clicking on the small "Menu" icon just left of the speaker symbol at the bottom progress bar.


Hardware; Solutions


Operational Management


ISV Applications




IBM Power Systems; IBM PureSystems; IBM System p Family; IBM System Storage




SmartCloud Entry, AIX, PureFlex, POWER, SAP, LVM, on-premise, Cloud, cloning

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