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IBM Business Process Manager V8.5 for z/OS Implementation Workshop (ZBPM8) Materials

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Don Bagwell

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IBM Business Process Manager

Abstract: The IBM Business Process Manager Advanced: Process Server for z/OS Version 8.5 is the latest offering of the Business Process Management (BPM) product suite on the z/OS platform. Combined with the IBM Process Designer, IBM Integration Designer, and Process Center Advanced are used to Author, Develop, and Deploy BPM applications on z/OS.
This workshop demonstrates the construction of a BPM Solution using these products on z/OS, and provides understanding to plan, implement and configure the Process Server V 8.5 in your z/OS environment, and to deploy and test BPM applications.
The hands-on lab exercises help build a working Process Server on the lab z/OS systems, using a WebSphere Application Server V8.5 Network Deployment cell which the students will also configure. The spreadsheet provided in techdoc WP102261 is required. There are also useful configuration and troubleshooting tips to improve the success when installing BPM at your home site.

  • Configuration of IBM BPM:Process Server for z/OS V8.5
  • Use of the IBM Integration Designer (IID) and IBM Process Designer to create a business process, application artifacts, and deploy them to the Process Server runtime.

COURSE OUTLINE (Presentations and hands-on labs are intermixed.)
  1. Introduction to IBM Business Process Management (BPM) V 8.5 on z/OS
  2. Review of WebSphere Application Server (WAS) V8.5 on z/OS and the Workshop environment
  3. Configure BPM: Process Server in a WAS for z/OS "Advanced-Only" Configuration
  4. Using the IBM Integration Designer (IID) Application Development Tool
  5. Create an "Advanced" Deployment Environment Configuration
  6. Configuring the Process Center
  7. Using the IBM Process Designer with the Process Center and Process Server
  8. Advanced Functions with BPM (LDAP, MQ, WODM, WOLA, Batch, Business Monitor, ... )
  9. Troubleshoot BPM:PS. Tools and scripts written by ATS and product developers

Day 1 of the Workshop:

Unit 1 - Intro to IBM Business Process Management (1 hour)
Unit 2 - Review WAS on z/OS and Lab Environment & Demo (.5 - 1.0 hour)
Unit 3 - Configuring BPM:PS AdvancedOnly for z/OS + Lab (3 hrs) Here are the workshop lab instructions which require the spreadsheet from Techdoc WP102261:
Day 2

Unit 4 - Using IID (1.5 hr)

Unit 5 - Adding an Advanced BPM Deployment Environment Cluster (1 hr.)
Unit 6 - Configuring Process Center (.5 hr) These require the spreadsheet from Techdoc WP102261:
Unit 7 - Using Process Center, Process Designer + Lab using Hiring Sample (2 hrs)
Day 3 ( day)

Unit 8 - Other Functions with BPM: LDAP
Unit 9 - Problem Determination, Administration & Advanced Topics (1 hr.)

Artifacts used by the Workshop Labs:




Installation and Migration


Business Integration

S/W Pillar(s):

IBM System z Software




WebSphere Application Server, WAS, V8.5, BPM, Process Server, BPM:PS, Business Process Manager Advanced, Advanced-Only, Business Process Manager, wildfire, ZBPM8, wp102261

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