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Accelerate with ATS: IBM Storwize V7000 Unified: Asynchronous Replication and Active Cloud Engine Global

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Robert Deutsch

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Advanced Technical Sales

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V7000 Unified

Abstract: This session will provide details about when to use asynchronous replication vs. Active Cloud Engine Global (also known as WANcaching). It will also cover how to set up asynchronous replication and perform disaster recovery testing. Additionally, this session will cover setting up WANcaching as well as administering the mode of the relationship.

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Presentation file: ATS Accelerate V7kU Async Repl & WANcaching Presentation 2013-12-04.pptATS Accelerate V7kU Async Repl & WANcaching Presentation 2013-12-04.ppt




Operational Management


IBM System Storage



V7000 Unified

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