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z/OS Version 2 Release 1 Technical Update

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Samantha B Hegarty

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Systems HW Sales

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Abstract: IBM z/OS V2.1 can help you innovate with data ready, cloud ready and security ready capabilities to help you deliver smarter, more efficient computing. And new IBM z/OSMF V2.1 management capabilities continue to simplify administration and operations, extending the value of z/OSMF.

Enhancements for z/OS V2.1 are designed to help you achieve the scale and availability needed for cloud, deliver a superior data serving environment, and secure your mission-critical assets. For instance, z/OS V2.1 is designed to help you:
  • Provide support for zEDC, designed to compress data with low CPU overhead and at low latency.
  • Support for Shared Memory Communications-Remote Direct Memory Access (SMC-R), can help you move data quickly between z/OS images on the same CPC or a different CPC, and is designed to work without requiring changes to applications.
  • Further optimize data placement with significant enhancements to policy-based storage tiering.
  • Support designed to help you make batch DB2 updates with less performance impact in a Parallel Sysplex when DB2 data is cached in a coupling facility.
  • Provide a top-down perspective on performance and capacity planning efforts across zEnterprise ensembles with RMFTM support for new SMF records for the LinuxTM on System z , and for the Linux on System x and AIX operating systems running on zBX blades. RMF V2.1 also adds support for WindowsTM Server running on zBX blades.
  • Extend existing batch runtime environment support for COBOL-based applications to interoperate with PL/I programs in addition to JAVATM programs, all with shared DB2 with transactional integrity, and extended support to encompass DFSMStvs processing for VSAM record-level sharing data sets. These enhancements are intended to provide flexibility in application development and provide modern programming models to help you extend business applications.
  • Reduce batch run times by having DFSMShsm-migrated data sets allocated by batch jobs recalled in parallel, in order to reduce overall elapsed recall times.
  • Simplify I/O configuration tasks with improvements for z/OS FICON Discovery and Auto Configuration (zDAC), which provides improved support for installations with less-complex I/O configurations.
  • Provide for RACF , PKI, and SSL in EP11 mode to support secure key PKCS #11 standard in addition to CCA and accelerator modes of operation.
  • Improve interoperability, with support for Japanese Industrial Standards for Extended UNIXTM Code and programming services that meet the Unicode 6.0 standard, among others, better enabling you to serve new customers.
  • Exploit available fonts, with fonts included as a new base element of z/OS to give you capabilities you need for print in a global marketplace.

z/OSMF V2.1 introduces capabilities designed to help you manage your z/OS environment more effectively and in a more consistent manner, helping you improve overall quality:
  • Reduce resource requirements with use of the Liberty profile in IBM WebSphere Application Server for z/OS , V8.5 in z/OSMF V2.1.
  • Manage your software service levels with new reporting and display capabilities, to help you determine the currency of your installed system software portfolio at a glance.
  • Use a new workflow application infrastructure along with roles-based notifications intended to help with simplification of configuration tasks.
  • Manage On/Off Capacity on Demand in a more intuitive way.

These select highlights of z/OS V2.1 contribute to the foundation of a highly secure, available, and scalable enterprise infrastructure for efficiently running business critical applications. Some new IBM solutions well suited for this environment include:
  • IBM Smarter Analytics Anti-Fraud Infrastructure to help banking, insurance, healthcare, and other customers deploy real-time, prepayment fraud-detection capabilities solutions and integrate these functions into operational systems
  • IBM Smarter Infrastructure for Social Services, to provide a leading and highly flexible solution for end-to-end social program service delivery, ensuring privacy with a single source of secure data.
  • IBM Enterprise Key Management Foundation, a comprehensive highly secure key management system, which is ideal for banks and payment card processors that must comply with industry standards and manage keys and certificates.

For more detailed information on the new features and functions of z/OS 2.1 there is a recorded presentation available below:
OpenMic zOS21 Whats New.pdfOpenMic zOS21 Whats New.pdf Click here to view the replay




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