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PowerHA and DS8000 Storage Integration on IBM i

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Allyn G Walsh

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Advanced Technical Sales

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# 8xx; # 8202-E4B; # 8205-E6B; # 8233-E8B; # 9117-MMA; # 9117-MMB; # 9179-MHB; # 9406-7xx; # 9406-MMA; i5 520; i5 525; i5 550; i5 570; i5 595

Abstract: IBM i and PowerHA have a long history with DS8000 integration providing the most advanced HA solutions. Recent enhancements have added more integration with SVC, and Storwize offerings.

PowerHA and DS8000 Storage Integration on IBM i.pptPowerHA and DS8000 Storage Integration on IBM i.ppt


Hardware; Software


Planning and Design


IBM System Storage


i5/OS; IBM i; OS/400


IBMi, i5OS, i5/OS, OS/400, PowerHA, System Mirror, DS8, DS8K, DS8000, ds8700, ds8800, ds8870

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