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IBM System z Batch Network Analyzer (zBNA) Tool

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Valerie Spencer
Alex Patterson

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Advanced Technical Sales

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BWATOOL; z9-109; z9 BC; z9 EC; z10; z10 BC; z10 EC; z114; z196; zEC12; zEnterprise 196; zEnterprise EC12; z/OS

Abstract: zBNA is a PC-based productivity tool designed to provide a means of estimating the elapsed time for batch jobs solely based on the differences in CPU speeds for a base processor and a target processor, the number of engines on each system, and system capacities; data sharing is not considered. zBNA provides powerful, graphic demonstration of the z/OS batch window.

As of January 31, 2014, zBNA will only install on the Windows 7 64-bit platform! It is REQUIRED that any previous version of zBNA is UNINSTALLED due to this latest requirement along with the upgrade to the CPS Java Runtime Environment v7, which is packaged with the tool!

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Windows 7 64-bit
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August 29, 2014
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Click on the icon to download the zBNA install package to include the required IBM Java
Click on the icon to view/download the user's guide

zBNA requires an independent version of the IBM CPS Java Runtime Environment v7 64-bit, which is packaged with the tool.

Please uninstall any previous zBNA package before installing the one above.

Obtain the CP3KEXTR program
CP3KEXTR runs on a System z processor under z/OS. It reads the SMF records to produce an Enterprise Data File (.edf) that contains the SMF Type 70's data and a (.dat) file, which contains the Type 14, 15, 30 and 42 data as input to zBNA.

Access the CP3KEXTR materials.

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V1.4.6 (08/29/2014)
  • Added the IIP CP Time column on the zBNA main panel.
  • The "Load" function has been enhanced to allow loading different files without exiting the tool.
  • Updates to the zEDC graph; Generic, Tailored, and zEDC are now supported.
  • Support has been added to load in tersed .dat files.
  • The Find command is now case insensitive.
  • Added the ability to create a CSV file from the zEDC graph.
  • Regular maintenance.

V1.4.5 (05/30/2014)
  • zBNA now allows a job class that is greater than one character.
  • The CSV save function now includes overwrite, append, and cancel options.
  • The "Clear Data" function has been removed from the File menu on the main zBNA panel. Enhancements are being made, and the function will be available in 3Q2014.
  • The value in the "Comp Ratio" column in the table on the "zEDC Top Data Sets" graph panel now has one decimal place.

V1.4.3 and V1.4.4 (05/01/2014)
  • On entry to the zEDC Compression function, the “zEDC Top Data Sets” panel now displays first. Access the graph using the Action menu.
  • Add the RW Ratio and Comp Ratio columns to the table on the “zEDC Top Data Sets” panel.
  • Ad the Compression Type, RW Ratio, and Comp Ratio table on the zEDC graph panel.
  • Add the Block Size column to the table on both the “Job Dataset Report” and “Life of a Dataset” panels.
  • Add the IIP CP Time column to the table on the “Job Information” panel.
  • For a selected job on the graph, show the name of the alternate CPU in the tooltip.
  • Fixed a problem to correctly format the EXCP data on the zBNA main panel and in the CSV when the value is greater than 1,000.
  • Columns can now be sorted on the “Job Information” panel while keeping the blue highlighted line remains on the job.

V1.4.2 (03/17/2014)
  • Add Report to the Action menu on the “Job Dataset Report” panel.
  • Add Report to the Action menu on the “Life of a Dataset” panel.
  • Add Create CSV file to the File menu on the “zEDC Top Data Sets” panel.
  • The check boxes on the “zEDC Top Data Sets” and “zEDC Options” are interchangeable.
  • Corrected the problem with national language and the decimal point not saved correctly in the “.zBNA” file.
  • Corrected the problem with the filters not being identified correctly with the report generation.
  • Implemented the support to generate an error file, if zBNA crashes.

V1.4.1 (02/11/2014)
  • The zEDC Compression function has moved to the Action menu.
  • The routine that loads the SMF Type 14/15 records for the zEDC Compression function has been significantly improved to only read the input file one time!
  • A cover page has been added to the zBNA report.
  • The Find and Find Next are now available on the Edit menu on several of the zBNA panels that contain tables.
  • The ability to generate CSV output has also been added to the File menu on the “Job Dataset Report”, “Top 10 Data Sets”, and “Life of a Dataset” panels.
  • Updated the CSV output to contain periods for decimals even in countries where it is a comma so that the CSV can be parsed.

V1.3.0 (12/31/2013)
IBM zEnterprise Data Compression (zEDC) support is implemented. SMF Record Types 14 and 15 are required. Invoke the function using the zEDC: Compression menu on the main zBNA panel. Use the CP3KEXTR program dated 12/12/13 or later.

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